Visual Inspection

As the name suggests, visual inspection is the detailed examination by eye, of a particular subject (ie. a fabricated component, plant item, section of pipework, weld, pressure vessel or structure). The technique is often used to establish whether further investigation using another NDT method (such as MPI, DPI, UT or EC) is required. The visual technique includes any examination utilising light in the visible spectrum, such as magnification (examination through binoculars or under a microscope) or use of digital image capture equipment such as borescopes.

A digital borescope places a tiny camera and light source on the end of a flexible probe and connects it to a digital screen, which can capture digital images. Borescope inspection is frequently used during the inspection of aircraft engines and gas turbines to view engine internals without the need to strip the engine down. It is also a practical method for internal inspection of vessels in processing facilities, as it can eliminate the requirement to make entry into a confined space and/or hazardous environment.