Service Summary

Scenic Acoustic has experience in many industrial, commercial, retail and domestic sectors, including oil and gas plants, paper and pulp, heavy fabrication, food and drink manufacturers, construction and civil engineering, distribution facilities, conversion plants, sales outlets, and public events. Engineers used to perform all assessments have successfully completed BiNDT and / or IOA certificated courses. We are currently seeking professional advice regarding ISO IEC 17025: 2017 accreditation.

Services available from Scenic Acoustic are listed below:-

Vibration Analysis Services
Condition Monitoring Services and Systems
Predictive / Preventative Maintenance & Reliability Centred Maintenance
Noise Assessment and Control Engineering (Environmental, Architectural, Industrial & Commercial)
Modal Analysis
Multi-Channel and Dual Channel Acquisition and Analysis
Natural Frequency Testing / Bump Testing
Factory Acceptance Testing & Supply of Machinery Regulations
Sound Intensity Measurement, Sound Power Calculation and Noise Impact Prediction
Oil Analysis
Filter Pot and Strainer Content analysis
Ultra Sonic Probe Leak Testing
Ultra Sonic Flow Performance Assessment
Data Logging Systems & Set up
Recip Trap Performance Testing
Maintenance Strategy Reviews
Root Cause Analysis
Rope Access

Our rates are very competitive. Onsite services will be charged by the day at the rate agreed prior to work commencing. All offsite work performed at Scenic Acoustic offices will be charged by the day at the agreed rate. All expenses associated with onsite works will be charged at cost.

We offer a competitive rate for long term contractual agreements. Reductions in charges for contractual works will be based on the total number of agreed contracted hours, and the longevity of the contract. Invoices will be issued at the end of each month. This can be altered to suit your payroll system if required.

Other services include:-

Occupational Noise and Vibration Measurement / Assessment
Risk Assessment – Physical Agents (Noise and Vibration) Directive 2005
Architectural Noise and Vibration Design, Measurement and Rating Assessments
Building Services Noise and Vibration Assessment
Environmental Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment
Planning Policy Guidance – Noise and Vibration
Construction Noise and Vibration
Wind Turbine Noise Measurement and Prediction.