Environmental Noise and Vibration

Scenic Acoustic and Vibration Engineering Ltd has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to assessing environmental noise.

Noise measurements and assessments are performed in accordance with the appropriate BS or ISO standards which are detailed in guidance documents published by DEFRA (Noise Policy Statement (England)), Environmental Agency (IPPC H3).The introduction of National Planning Policy Framework by the UK Government in March 2012.

This includes measurement and assessment in support of Planning Applications for new residential dwellings, commercial, and industrial developments, ETSU R-97 and BWEA measurement and assessment for Wind Turbine applications, and IPPC H3 Guidance, DEFRA Noise Policy Statement (England) Neighbour and Neighbourhood Nuisance Noise Investigations.

The environmental noise investigations are undertaken with reference to relevant standards and guidance including, but not limited to the following:

– BS 4142:1997 “Method for rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas”.
– Department for the Environment, Transport and Regions’ Planning Policy Guidance Document: PPG24 “Planning and Noise”.
– Environment Agency IPPC H3 “Horizontal guidance for noise”.
– BS 7445:1991 “Description and measurement of environmental noise”.
– BS 5228:1997 “Noise and vibration control on construction and open sites Parts 1 to 5”.
– MPG 11: “Minerals Planning Guidance: The Control of Noise at Surface Mineral Workings”.

Personnel undertaking noise investigations have attained at least the Institute of Acoustics ‘Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise Measurement’

The noise investigations are undertaken using Class 1 sound level meters which are calibrated annually at a UKAS calibration laboratory.

We also have extensive experience in producing noise control management plans both for nuisance and IPPC/PPC purposes.