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Condition Monitoring Services

‘The tool kit to eliminate breakdowns, reduce maintenance and operational costs, increase productivity, reliability and operational output. With the expertise of Scenic Acoustic & Vibration Engineering Ltd and our affiliate engineers, you could easily make a multi discipline Condition Monitoring Program a key part of your toolbox’

A routine maintenance program alone cannot stop unexpected faults developing in machinery. Heaven forbid, but a worst-case scenario is that these faults lead to an unexpected, catastrophic failure before your next scheduled maintenance intervention or during a demanding production run.

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Condition Monitoring puts you in a position of control when it comes down to actively preventing breakdowns, improving plant reliability and optimising maintenance resources in a way which best suits your business needs.

Condition Monitoring can be used to monitor and assess the health of a machine by periodically monitoring and analysing multiple operational data parameters such as vibration amplitude and phase, noise level, temperature, pressures, flows, oil condition to name but a few. These parameters can be assessed with the careful selection of condition monitoring products.

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For best practice all Condition Monitoring activities performed by Scenic Acoustic & Vibration Engineering Ltd follow the guidance and advice contained in ISO 17359-2011 ‘Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — General guidelines’. If used correctly, ISO 17359-2011 can be used to set up your condition monitoring program. This will include the parameters to be measured, best practice techniques, measurement location, and alert/alarm criteria. This tool can be used to improve the confidence in diagnosis/prognosis as the correct parameters and techniques will have been used from the start. It identifies the effectiveness of the CM program being used and the improvements and cost benefits of the CM program against the current maintenance interventions.

We have extensive experience with many cutting edge condition monitoring products, such as vibration analysers and software packages, route based vibration and process data collectors, remote vibration monitoring and protection systems, watch keeping systems, multi-channel online monitoring systems and machinery health monitoring systems.

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An efficient Condition Monitoring program is a proven, non- destructive method for the early detection and prediction of faults and failures within machinery, while being completely non-intrusive to the production process. The effectiveness of the program will be dependent on the choice of CM technique used and the parameters defined for those techniques. Some of the more common CM techniques include vibration analysis, acoustic emission, tribology (grease analysis, lube oil and seal oil analysis), and micro bacterial analysis of diesel fuels, pump performance monitoring, thermal imaging, and ultrasonic leak detection. We can provide all of these services. The choice will depend on your plants own individual operational conditions and processes used. Other specialist CM services include acoustics and noise control, Recip Trap Testing on gas compressors and engines, and Stress/fatigue/crack analysis, Reliability Engineering (RE) and maintenance review studies.

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Multi-Channel Vibration Assessment

We can provide Multi Channel Vibration data acquisition and analysis services using Zonic Book 618E and Ez-TOMAS Analysis software, or the Bently Nevada ADRE Data Acquisition and Analysis System, via Bently Nevada, SKF VM600, or any of the other common online vibration monitoring / Protection Systems.

This is the perfect Tool for machinery Vibration Acceptance testing during commissioning of a new machine train, with full vibration amplitude and phase analysis capabilities for fault diagnostic surveys and analysis. These features include Trending, Time waveform, FFT, Waterfall Plots, Orbit Plots, Shaft Centre Line Plots, Polar Plot, and Bode Plots to list a few. Both AC and DC signals can be interrogated via the Ez-TOMAS software.

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With a proven potential to save thousands of pounds in secondary damage, lost production, excessive power consumption and unnecessary maintenance costs, a preventative maintenance approach for early fault detection and prevention is essential in all types of industries and machinery.

If implemented carefully, a pro-active condition monitoring program will enable you to review your current maintenance strategy, enabling you to stream line your day to day maintenance costs and requirements by both assessing your existing purchasing policies for the procurement and housing spare parts, and also by allowing you to schedule maintenance intervention for a time which is convenient for your business.

No matter what your industry type. Whether it is an oil and gas processing plant, a large manufacturing facility, a small production company, or even a machinery supplier, condition monitoring should form part of your maintenance plan whether it is to be used to reduce costs and eliminate unplanned down time, or used to ensure that the machinery you are supplying is within acceptable limits.