Approved Document E

Building Regulations ‘Approved Document E: 2003’ – Resistance to the Passage of Sound

Sound insulation / Pre-Completion Testing are one of the core areas of our business here at Scenic Acoustic & Vibration.

Our test engineers carry all the latest acoustic test equipment and all of our acoustic testing/sound testing is completed to a strict quality controlled standard. All test equipment is calibrated at UKAS or DANSK Accredited Test Laboratories, and all laboratory calibration certificates will be valid at the time of testing. All measurement equipment is precision, Class 1 rated, and we use state of the art professional analysis software.

One of our many specialized areas is Pre-completion testing for ‘new build’ and ‘material change of use’ developments. We can offer consultation services from design through to build, with our sole intention of ensuring noise levels are reduced to a level that meet the requirements of the Approved Document E to the Building Regulations (2000), at the lowest possible cost to the developer.

Approved Document E – ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’ 2003 edition and amendments 2004 (ADE:2003), stipulate a single figure airborne sound insulation ratings for airborne radiated noise, between separating party walls and floors. The ADE 2003 (amendment 2004) also stipulates a single figure impact sound insulation rating for impact transmitted noise at party floors.

ADE:2003 (amendment 2004) is separated into four categories, which are detailed as follows:

E1: Protection against sound from other parts of the same building and from adjoining buildings.

E2: Protection against sound within a dwelling-house, etc.

E3: Reverberation in the common internal parts of buildings containing flats or rooms for residential purposes.

E4: Acoustic Conditions of Schools.

New build developments and developments which form a ‘material change of use’ have different requirements for performance standards stipulated in Requirement E1 of ADE:2003 (amendment 2004). Both requirements are detailed in Table 1a (Dwelling Houses & Flats); and 1b (Rooms for Residential Purposes) of ‘Section 0 – Performance’ of the Regulations.

For full details please see our PDF Factsheet (coming soon)